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I can feel nervousness.

All over.

I am actually turning really positive. I am more unstress than ever before. But theres just times where I couldnt control my emotions. I just couldnt control my fear. No matter how positive I think of still this fear just weakens me.

I dont want to waste all the hardships that I have had. I dont want to waste the tears, the efforts and everything that I have put through. Thats the reason I have fears now. I dont want to waste it all.

I am still holding to the possibility and to my faith...in HIM. His plans are bigger than mine and I just have to be patient and wait no matter what.

All I wish now is to have that strength..to be more patient. Just to live for today and tomorrow will just deal itself.

nytt ord

jevn...steady, even
å avvikle...to discontinue (avviklet, har avviklet)

Norskprøve 3....Ferdig!

I am not sure now if I should post this one since I am not sure either if I made it. But I am now in my taking it easy phase since I need to wait for a month for the result. I am hoping that everything will be OK...and I did make it. I want to make a step forward and go to the higher level and to have a lot of opportunities.

With lytteprøve...
It was the hardest part for me. I couldnt analyze what they were saying and everything was just so tricky for me. I am hoping for miracles now and I really, really, really hope I did make it. Please give me some miracles Lord.

With leseprøve..
It wasnt that hard though. I answered the best that I could and just to make sure, I did not answer very short but the whole sentence. I dont want to take short answers and take the risk.

With skriftlig produksjon.,..
I thought I did make it very good but as after the test...I knew from my friend that I misunderstood the question. I understood the other way around which is very very depressing. I really need a miracle now! Please Lord!
With part 2...I think I did well but I just loose all my newly learned words...

Nytt ord

Bygård  -  apartment
drabantbyer  -  suburbs
plener  -  lawn
å trøste  -  comfort = trøstet-har trøstet
sjalusi  -  jealousy
overens  -  equivalent
jordmor  -  midwife
jordbruk  -  agriculture
raus  -  generous
bruddet  -  breakup
innrømmer  -  admit ., innrømmet-har innrømmet
svelge  -  swallow..... svelget-har svelget
kameler  -  camels
sørgelig, trist -  sad
kirkegård  -  graveyard
å være skuls  -  to be quits
enke  - widow...kvinne
enkemann  -  widower...man

Remove all your worries! Just trust GOD!

We just had our bible sharing and I felt at ease knowing that I heared the words of God. I need to keep my faith to him.

I am hoping for the best and I hope something good is going to happen to me.

We went to the library to study and I want a lot of motivation to do more.

I need to learn the language and hjertelig give my all to those people that needs my care. I love my job and I should definitely do my best no matter what.

Study harder day 3!

Another day for my class in Alfaskolen and I like it so much. It feels like I am learning English back in my elementary years....but this time it is norwegian. I feel like an elementary child again....and I am happy that I am obliged to make my assignment. It feels like I really need to study very hard.

It is indeed a very long day for me and I am very exhausted. I was waiting for my host family to text me that I will start late tomorrow but it did not happen. So, I need to be early again and start at 6am again...I need to sleep now since I am pretty tired. I just hope I will not die of fatigue and exhaustion..haha!

Anyways, I can do this. I just need some double effort! I need to learn Norsk and pass the exam!

Study harder Day 2!

And I am having bad nightmares here in this room. I just it is nothing serious.

Anyways, I need to study today and I am glad that I finished early with my work today. I am happy that I can still work things out pretty well and I only got to work on what is required.

Anyhow, Me and Rolit made our assignment and it was kinda hard. There sentence constructions which was really hard for us and I have encountered a lot of new words.

I watched a children show today and noted all the new words. Kinda very exciting way to learn also. I hope things will go pretty well.

Tomorrow is another day and it will be our second meeting in class. 

Study harder! Day 1

It's been a long time since I posted in here. The last time was when I transferred from this family. I was enjoying...or I was trying to be happy in here. But compared to my last family....this is much better. I even wanted or had the option to be full time.

Anyhow, I wanted to count down my study moments to have some inspiration. It's the first day of my school in Alfaskolen and I do approve my teacher. She is good.

I wanted to have this study habit. I need to spend 1 or 2 hours of studying per day and I hope I can manage that aside that I am working. I was able to do it before with Kiran...so I should be able to do it now.
It's quite awhile to post in here, I've been wanting to post since yesterday but I just got this full internet access from a friend's house wifi connection.

Anyhow, I just came here in a new foreign place where everything is just breathtaking. I am just so glad that we live in the city (we save our penger from fares of the bus and other public transportation). I just registered myself in the police yesterday and I also registered myself to get a personal number. But, the sad part is, I need to wait for 3 weeks to get my resident permit card and my personal number. We still couldn't apply a work but I already registered myself to a school nearby.

But, I do have an opportunity waiting in other place which would be a really great opportunity to start up. I really want to get that opportunity and I do hope I will get in...but that would mean that I must leave my friends and leave the house that we rented. Since my main purpose here is to work and earn, then, I need to take the risk and the consequences. And I am quite not comfortable with one of the people I live with.

I am hoping for the better and I hope things will be better as time goes by. I am nervous but I know I can do it and I would be giving up.

All I need to do is just wait....and hope...and pray. I know God will really help me.
This is an advice that I read from a Korean actress, Kim Tae Hee to students. When I read it, I immediately copy and pasted in here because I really wanted to make this blog using this one as a title.

I just needed an inspiration and an advice to help me study harder. As you know, I am currently studying the Norwegian language and the days are nearer for me to go to Norway. I wanted to speak straight before I head on there so that I won't have a hard time. I want to easily construct a sentence in no time.

Next week is my flight and I am quite excited but more nervous because until now, we are till looking for a place to stay. I really hope that everything will fall into place by this week. Like, I will have my sak application be registered and we will have the house as well. I am crossing my fingers for that.

Det er fint dag i dag. Vi skal dra til Danao i dag å besøke mine familien. Idag, er bursdagen av min nevø. Jeg håper de vil gi meg lommepenger...hehe..Jeg vet ikke hva vil skjer. Jeg håper for beste idag.


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